Within Unipower Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd, we follow the international standard OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety) 18001 standard, which defines the organisation and structure of a safety and health occupational healthdomyhomework management system.

This provides a comprehensive system to improve planning, implementing and monitoring the legally required work safety measures in order to sustainably reduce accident risk.

In combination of ISO 9001:2008 and bizSafe certification provides Unipower Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd with an extensive and standardised management system in the areas of safety, quality and environment.


UNIPOWER Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd mission is to provide safe and effective training and management systems for apprentices in our chosen markets.

  • Our goal is to provide relevant quality and safety training to workers & management in enhancing the quality and safety of their workplace and to engage themselves in safety behaviour whilst at work.
  • To provide quality and safety training of the highest quality.
  • To provide conductive environment for the training


Training Premises
Participants can fully participate in a classroom for their training activities. Air-conditioned classrooms for 15 persons and equipped with the required training aids will provide a comfortable environment for participants.


The centre is presently in communication with various industries associations and safety training centre/consultant to seek their support and cooperation.

Our employees have gone through training with the expertise of the personnel from Carboline Company in US to be an applicator of Pyrocrete 241, a widely used fireproofing product in process industries.We are officially a qualified applicator of Pyrocrete 241 having attended and satisfied Carboline Company’s training requirements at our premises.

We have also sent our employee for Certification under the American Petroleum Institute and he has met the requirements to be a certified API-936 Refractory Personnel.